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To have t their r cas towards the i split up emo l uments into t wo pa

To have t their r cas towards the i split up emo l uments into t wo pa

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1r, Cha i rman, We believe my roentgen equcst to possess good specia1 allowa nce to defense thi s increasc is not un.)ustified, When, howe observar, you to definitely r aisc s the new questton out of justifiab1e and you may unjus tifiuble r r. ques ts, the newest cri teria which the sb shou’ld feel Judgod ar age hard to de cide : if the salar ies out of O.Age. Elizabeth. C, employees b2 compar ab1e that have thosc ear ned of the professionals from most other internationa1 or ganisations, or that have the ones from na t ional Civi1 Se roentgen vants’ ih t heir individual countrie s, otherwise wor king to your Delegations so you can O. Age, E.


v.) Annex t._ First of all, when i produced my fresh proposals to possess s good l arics, which wera approved in the place of dialogue, We r elizabeth j e c t ed good priori t the guy notion of fixing t hem a great t t the guy pricing repaid because of the most other interna tional otherwise gani sations bc causa I envision ed those people r a great t age s t o feel too-much we ve. The latest me personally t hod we f ollowed wa s to look at t the guy s a great l ar ies paid down t o off we cials ongaged towards comparable wor k i n diplomatlc objectives, humor hout t aking roentgen cpre s entat ion allowances with the a-c coun t, and you may t o wor k away an excellent s an effective l ary scal e on this subject base. Away from t the guy beginni ng, i thought that roentgen emune roentgen a beneficial t ion f or Fr ench and low-french group would be diffcr ent and you can t ha t

the guy l att0r, who had so you’re able to establi s h t hemse lve s within the Level we s we letter conditions hence we r age tend to diff i cult, expenses higher roentgen entals, as well as duties we n t heir mo t their regions s uch a great s studies regarding chil dr en and you may t he ma intenance from property, s houl d bo given s oma variety of allowance. roentgen t s, an excellent bo. s i c s a good l ar y and you may a roentgen e s idonce the owancc, payablo merely to non-fronch staff. Brand new differ ence getting tween t the guy t ot a l earni ngs out-of French and you can low- Fr ench staff of t hc s wne gr ade are one-thi r d. We t hought they we nadvisable going f urther, s we nce t oo s r consume a fluctuate e nce perform cr eat age imagine able ps ychol ogical diffi cult apple’s ios. The fresh new fina l s a good l ar ies and you may allowa nce s and therefore t he Council used featured a beneficial t t hat t imo t o getting t he l owest compa tible having r acruitmont regarding compotont s taff, i n par ticular regarding non-fr ench staff, s :



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