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Both have fun regarding battle also causing an effective disorder worldwide

Both have fun regarding battle also causing an effective disorder worldwide

The rest of the girls, Plus Kuon and you may Anju emerge away from a shower

One another Kuon and you may Atuy struggle fiercely, even though Atuy was getting fatal in the act, Kuon didn’t have any difficulties when you find yourself coping her. Fundamentally match comes in a blow. Oshtor deal one another people because they regarding power.

When he passes through Rulutieh’s space, he hears unusual musical from Kuon. The guy anxieties if something is happening, so takes a tiny look from the doorway he seems since the Kuon is getting a massage out-of Rulutieh by herself, exactly as he observes Kuon undergoing treatment on her behalf looks problems.

Because Oshtor products right up during the full-moon, Kuon and you can Shinonon are available near to him, Kuon requires your when the they are done for the day and you will the guy answer therefore. the latest coversation closes on people request for a hot springtime. But Ennakamuy cannot has actually including quantity of water, but really will it be said because of the Nosuri And you will Nekone about a massive river at montains “Obaro river” may provide this new villages with a huge amout of the water and it will even help the brand new armed forces.

At the his Place of work, Anju rush for the and you will tell him you to definitely today’s shower was splendid by soap smells like herbs, Kuon explains you to she caused it to be, Anju astonished she expresses the lady acceptance for including a sensational soap and you may asks just what else she had, Kuon answers by telling she had treatments, bug repellent and inside her collection. Anju and Rulutieh is astonished having Kuon power to make such as for instance anything while the dialogue just do it, Oshtor smiles at the himself grateful the around three ones create good friends.

Immediately after doing the papers throughout the day, the new Saraana and you can Uruuru give him a therapeutic massage to his shoulder as he is having particular problems and you will weakness, unexpectedly it leave due to the fact asking him to go to to them. Oshtor goes toward go to Kuon within her area, in advance of typing, Oshtor pay attention to the newest twin obtain a tonic from Kuon. Oshtor retunrs in order to place of work and gets the tonic and you will products it. Only when he involved to drink a bottle away from good fresh fruit alcoholic drinks, Kuon fees bursts to your their area, she says to him frantically to end, she asks if he already taken new alcoholic beverages prior to she snatches the mug function their give, she comes to a relief when he didn’t drink they. She reveals that if the guy consumed both the tonic ant this new liquor, brand new sustances will act as an enthusiastic aphrodisiac.

Race away from Rumoy Citation [ ]

While the Raiko severed Ennakamuy the tides toward nearby nations, no way to trade dining or supplies, Oshtor’s bring about hangs to the an excellent threa. So you can crack the fresh new Yamatan blockade, the newest break the rules armed forces need certainly to secure the Rumoy solution, as it is Ennakamuy’s lifeline and you may a significant passing to help you change contained in this Yamato. Ougi will come taking suffering information as it’s claim that the new get in touch with regarding Rumoy ticket has been destroyed to help you Raiko, now Oshtor must raid their pushes to hold the fresh new solution in the event that he or she is to stand a go regarding war.

As they march into fort, Oshtor ends up as he observes a pitfall place from the Raiko once the they not see neither of the Elites or enemy soldiers, Anju is inspired by so you can right back line no matter if Rulutieh otherwise Oshtor insist upon stand behind, Anju tells him or her one to she rather struggle along than simply watching her anyone challenge her own matches, this causes a disturbance among the many troops and bow for her. Kuon informs your he cannot be in a position to end the woman, very the guy requires this lady to help you vow that she ought not to work on her behalf very own. And february to the given up fort.



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